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Wheelersburg Middle School
       800 Pirate Drive, Wheelersburg, OH 45694
                     Phone (740) 574-2515                            
Fax (740) 574-9201     

                           Principal: Mr. Dave Rucker                                                                  Assistant Principal: Mr. Brent Eaton
 WMS Vision
The vision of Wheelersburg Middle School is to pursue excellence by providing a supportive family environment and developing positive leaders who take ownership of their learning.
Boys Middle School Track Wins 1st Place
These six boys won the Mason County Indoor Meet Saturday! Only six boys and they scored 83 points! Congratulations!

A. Brown - First in High Jump and overall high point
L. Willis - First in Long Jump
E. Hochstettler
T. Hollback
L. Mullins
MIddle School Boys Track Results

The January 2020 results of the Vocabulary Bowl have just been released. We're excited to announce that Wheelersburg Middle School earned the following achievement



We will announce every week the top five leaders for each grade. Then at the end of the month, the top five students for each grade will earn an ice cream sundae. In addition, at the end of each nine weeks, the top five from each grade will be invited to a pizza party. And if all of that wasn't enough, in May the top two students in each grade will get to go to Dairy Queen with Mr. Rucker and Mrs. Bobst for lunch and be recognized at the awards ceremonies.  

Total Words Mastered for January: 20,956

5th Grade: 2,787
1. Donavon Ehrhart- 703
2. Lorelai Bentley- 661
3. Devin Jones- 47
4. Elijah Bailey- 45
5. Natalie Newsome- 43

6th Grade: 6,709
1. Angely Richard- 505
2. Alexander Aguilar Wright- 303
3. Lana Craft- 168
4. Emma Holsinger- 125
5. Nick Sylivia- 121

7th Grade: 6,317
1. Nick Fannin- 170
2. Tristan Belford- 141
3. Laken Wright- 127
4. Addy Bowling- 122
5. Logan Evans and Addison Mullins- 121

8th Grade: 5,151
1. Anna Hackworth- 120
2. Justin Barnes- 109
3. Tiffany Sexton- 108
4. Javen Young- 107
5. Luke Briggs- 96

Weekly Leaders: 2/3-2/9
5th grade
Donovan Ehrhart- 200
Lorelai Bentley-Cuan- 124
Kaycee Fannin- 67
Austin Pettigrew- 56
Natalie Newsom- 19

6th Grade
Angely Richard -428
Alyson Floyd- 60
Alexander Aguilar Wright- 42
Gabriel Vaughters- 35
Mickayla Frazier- 29 

7th grade
Jacob Schwamburger- 27
Parker Cantrell- 25
Addison Mullins- 24
Jacob Clevenger- 23
Marisa Eichenlaub- 22

8th grade
Aubrey Picklesimer 68
Javen Young 49
Haley Myers 30
Audrea Cook 27
Jake Darling 22

January P.R.I.D.E students


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Burg News
Events Calendar
End of 3rd Grading Period
Fri Mar 13 2020
5th gr. to Shawnee State
Thu Mar 19 2020
Spring Picture Day - 4 gr.
Thu Mar 19 2020
P/T Conferences
Thu Mar 26 2020
Library Catalog
Employee Spotlight



Name: Tom Valance
IT Department
1. What does true leadership mean to you?
 I think true leadership means being someone who is willing to lead even if it means working side by side with the people
you are leading to reach a common goal. Basically leading by example. 
2.What is your favorite thing about working at Wheelersburg Schools?

It's a great family atmosphere.  The staff here is great.  Every person in every department is willing to work with each other to do the best for our students, school and community.

3. What training have you have?
BS, Information Technology.  GSuite Certified Administrator, various IT industry certifications over the years.
4. Why did you want to work at this school?
So many reasons.  I am thankful to have the opportunity to work at Wheelersburg, the school from which I graduated.  I've spent most of my career in K-12 education and started in 1999 working for both Burg and Valley Local Schools, so I really started my career here.  In 2005 I went full time at Valley until I left in 2014, worked in the private sector for a very short time and then got a really cool job working for the Marshall University Research Corporation.  In 2015 I was given the opportunity to come back home to Wheelersburg and I jumped on it.  This is home and it has been wonderful being here with my five daughters who all attended or still attend school here (one has graduated and two more will this year).  This school and community was also there for my family through some very tough times when my first wife had cancer and eventually passed.  
So long story short I wanted to work here to a) come back home and be a part of my girls educational experience,  b) be a part of a place with proven excellence in leadership and in all areas of education and education technology and c) to give back to the community that had given me so much and helped me become the person I am today.
5. Why did you decide to do what you do?
I was always fascinated in knowing how things work and honestly working with computers just came naturally.  My interest really took off in the mid 90's taking Mrs. Russell's computer apps classes at WHS. 
6. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you or your family?

I'm married to my wonderful wife, Michele, and we have 5 daughters who we are extremely proud of.  We're active in our church and have served in youth ministry and anywhere we're needed in the church.

Employee Spotlight #2
Name: Melissa Bibbey
IT Department
1. What does true leadership mean to you?
True leaders have integrity and the ability to organize and work with people effectively
toward a common goal. A true leader is not afraid to "get their hands dirty" and values 
each and every person they are working with. Obviously a great leader is goal-oriented
and organized, but it is their compassion, understanding of all the issues and needs that
allows them to be the leader that others follow.
2. What is your favorite thing about working at Wheelersburg Schools?
My favorite thing about working at Wheelersburg Schools is the people. Both the students
and the staff are tremendous. I feel that I make a difference in the lives of students and
staff. They certainly have made a difference in my life.
3. What training have you had?
I have a Bachelor's Degree from Marshall University in Businee Education and Library 
Science. I have a Masters' Degree from Marshall University in Educational Media. I also 
have attended numerous professional development experiences in order to further
improve my skills and to keep current with new educational uses of technology.
4. Why did you want to work at this school?
Wheelersburg Schools has the best reputation in this area. The accomplishments of the
students and the District are second to none in our area of the state. Students are
respectful and for the most part give you their best effort all the time. I have been very
lucky to be part of this school system.
5. Why did you decide to do what you do?
  Education was kind of the family business as they say. My father actually taught at Wheelersburg many, many years ago and coached some teams. I have pictures of those times, but no memories, as he passed away when I was two years old. His final position was Superintendent at Valley School District. My brother was also an educator. He was a classroom teacher, guidance counselor and finally a high school principal. He was also at Valley School District.  My husband was also a teacher and finished his career as a Technology Coordinator. So I guess it's in my blood.
6. What else would you like to share about you and your family?
My two sons, now grown, are very successful in their careers and the start they got in
Southern Ohio is a big part of their success. I have six grandchildren, three of which
attend a large school district around Columbus, and it's interesting to be able to compare 
a big school system with ours. Yes, they have a broader course offering, but the closeness
of knowing all your classmates and teachers is not there as much. Participation in some
of the extracurricular offerings can be limited by the sheer number of kids interested. I
hope that Wheelersburg students appreciate what they have in this little "burg" that is 
tucked along the Ohio River. It is very special.
Pirates Student Managed Credit Union
You can sign up with this application or online at 
The Pirates Student-Run Credit Union, a division of Atomic Credit Union will be set up at your school every Wednesday for all student members to make deposits and learn the importance of financial education.  $2.00 credit for opening an account, no fees associated with the account and deposit as little as a penny each week. 
REMINDER:  The Student-Run Credit Union will be set up Fridays at lunch for students to make deposits or get information to open up an account.   
 Atomic Student-Run Credit Union November Gift Card Recipients.

These students received a $5 gift card to a fast food restaurant of their choice for making deposits every week in their accounts for the month of November.  Congratulations students!!

Giselle Miller
Isabella Mormon
Libby Blume
Emma Faulkner
Kloey Thoroughman
Cameron Conn
Abby Conn

Not pictured: Marina Bender, Kellsey Bocook
Gift Card  Recipients
Wheelersburg Local School District   620 Center Street P.O. Box 340, Wheelersburg, OH  45694  |  Phone: 740.574.8484  |  Fax: 740.574.6134
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