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Mr. Sutton's Webpage 
This is my 13th year as the 7th grade Math teacher here at The Burg. I received my teacher training at The University of Rio Grande in Math and Science (Middle School 4-9).While at Rio, I also completed my Master’s in Classroom Teaching (Intervention Mild/Moderate).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email ( ) or by calling the Middle School (574-2515).
Digital Assignments Submission:
Answers for assignments #'s 1-6, and #'s11 & 12 should be submitted through GoFormative. If you do not already have an account from earlier in the school year, directions and class codes are as follows:
1. Go to and click on Sign Up (upper-right corner)
2. Click on I'm A Student
3. Enter your correct class code
       1st period       FHVDXQ
       3rd Period      OWRTCF
       4th Period      BDUCEL
       5th Period      NQADPD
       7th Period      KMRKDY
4. Click Create Account
5. Enter your School Email      
6. Enter your school network password and then confirm your password
7. Click Creat Account
8. Enter your first name
9. Enter your last name
10. Click Let's Go
** If you are getting a message that says this email is already associated with an account, try clicking on the Login button rather than the Sign Up. Click sign in with google. If you have forgotten your password or not sure which password you used when you created your account, click on the forgot password link. Another option might be to access GoFomative through the school Clever portal. Do not forget to enter the class code from the list above for your particular class.
Assignments #7, #8, #9, & #10
      These assigments will be on Moby
Assignments #13 & #14
     Complete the STAR Test on Renaissance Place NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, 5-14-2020 (midnight). Renaissance Place will be unavailable after this date. If you are asked for a monitor password, type in "admin"
**If you have issues accessing any of the assignments below, please just email me.
****Reminder to students to check your email daily for possible messages from your teachers**** 

 Required Digital Assignments:




 Unit 1 ~ Rational Numbers
If you need a refresher, there is a link to a video for each of the subtopics 

 Math Digital Assignment #1

Enter your answers on GoFomative 


 Unit 2 ~ Pre-Algebra

If you need a refresher, there is a link to a video for each of the subtopics  

 Math Digital Assignment #2

Enter your answers on GoFomative

 Classifying Quadrilaterals
Determining Missing Angle

 Math Digital Assignment #3

 Determining the Area of Quadrilaterals:
Parallelograms & Trapezoids 

 Math Digital Assignment #4


 Elements of a Circle


 Math Digital Assignment #5


 Circumference & Area of a Circle


 Math Digital Assignment #6


 Volume of Rectangular Prisms

(Moby Max - 2 lessons)

    Volume of Prisms  
(Moby Max - 3 lessons)

 Math Digital Assignment #8

Surface Area
(Moby Max - 4 lessons) 

 Math Digital Assignment #9

 Surface Area
(Moby Max - 2 lessons) 

 Math Digital Assignment #10

 Volume of Prisms

 Math Digital Assignment #11

 Surface Area of Prisms

  Math Digital Assignment #12

 5-13 & 14

 STAR Math Test

 Math Digital Assignments #13 & #14

 Week of 5-18
 Enrichment Activity Over Area & Volume
(Not for a Grade) 

 Enrichment Activity

***If you forget your username & password to directly log in to Moby, try accessing it through Clever 

 ***If you forget your username & password to directly log in to Renaissance Place, try accessing it through Clever 



Acceleated Math: 

Any students wanting some additional practice to keep their math skills sharp can do so through Accelerated Math. I have assigned 60 objectives covering the topics of Integers, Signed Rational Numbers, Combining Like terms, Equations, Inequalities, Ratios, Rates, Proportions, Graphing, Sales Tax, Discounts, and Percent Change. 

If you would need more objectives or help with a particualar topic, email me and I will be glad to help. 



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