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The Illustrious Mr. Pastor

The Illustrious Mr. Pastor

December 12, 2018
AP ENGLISH: Odyssey VII-XII due 12/13, Unit 3 essay due 12/17
ENGLISH II (CP): reading projects due Monday
 ENGLISH II (GEN.): reading projects due Monday
Spelling and Context Evaluation Words: Test 12/20
  1.  Egotistical
  2. Forensic (scientific approach to criminal investigation)
  3. Self-deprecating (making fun of oneself)
  4. Vivacious (lively)
  5. Malevolent (ill willed)
  6. Fortuitous (lucky)
  7. Perfunctory (without thinking)
  8.  Genuine
  9. Susceptible (prone to)
  10. Uniformity
  11. Speculate (to guess)
  12. Submissive (obedient for the sake of being obedient)
  13. Necessarily 
Vocabulary Words
1. Formulaic (adj.) - following an extremely predictable pattern
2. Seldom (adv.) - occuring rarely
3. Lure (v.) - to trick, ensnare, or deceive
4. Depict (v.) - to portray visually or through imagery
5.  Infuse (v.) - to inject energy into
6. Preternatural (adj.) - highly unusual; beyond what is natural
7. Appeal (v.) - to persuade others based on logic, emotion, credibility, or situation
8.  Doggerel (n.) - poem purposely designed to make no sense or to be humorous
9. Lexicon (n.) - the words one carries at one's disposal 
Word Parts
1. ETHNO (relating to ethnicity) - ethnocentric - centering around one ethnicity
2. EU (good, well) - euphemism - saying a bad thing in a good way (vertically challenged)
3.  LUC (light): elucidate - to shed light upon in order to clarify
4.  LUD/LUS (to play) - illusion - image that plays on one's visual senses
5. LUMIN (light): illuminate - to shed light upon in order to accentuate
 6. INE (relating to): equine - relating to horses
7.  IOUS (having the quality of): industrious - being a hard worker
Project Files
Here are the PDFs of the English II General Vocabulary and Reading Projects
Here are the PDFs of the English II College Prep Vocabulary and Reading Projects
Class Resources
List of Weekly Spelling, Vocabulary, Word Parts
This is a complete list of your WEEKLY spelling and vocabulary words. Of course, this may be subject to alteration depending on snow days, but here's the whole list so you can always know what your weekly words are! See the next file for your weekly word parts.

The Illustrious Mr. Pastor's Schedule

Period 1 7:45-8:40 AP Language / Composition

Period 2 8:44-9:35 AP Language / Composition

Period 3 9:39-10:30 English II College Prep

Period 4 10:34-11:25 English II College Prep

Period 5 11:29-12:19 English II College General

LUNCH 12:19-12:50 Seek me in the cafetorium or in my room if you have questions

Period 6 12:54-1:46 English II General

Period 7 1:50-2:45 Planning / Student Assistance (Tutoring) Period

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