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The Illustrious Mr. Pastor

The Illustrious Mr. Pastor
Fri., Feb. 20, 2020
read and annotate Didion by Monday, Miner by Thursday, Winthrop by 3/2; Odyssey 13-18 due 3/9
  ENGLISH II periods 1, 4, 7:     full rough drafts due Monday
  ENGLISH II periods 5-6:    full rough drafts due Monday
  Weekly Spelling: Febrary 18-21, 2020, Test 2/21/20
  1. quintessential (extremely important)
  2. rationale (reason behind an action or decision)
  3. raucous (riot-like in atmosphere)
  4. rebuttal (arguing against)
  5. recalcitrant (highly stubborn and defiant)
  6. Redundant (overly repetitive)
  7. Regulation (legal restriction)
  8. reiterate (to say again)
  9. relevant (important to what is going on)
  10. prerogative (one's power of choice)
  Weekly Vocabulary:
  1. Prosaic (adj.) - written in paragraph form
  2. Prose (n.) - writing that takes the form of paragraphs
  3. Prostrate (adj.) - lying face down in defeat or worship
  4. Pseudonym (n.) - false name
  5. Recur (v.) - to happen over and over
  6. Refinish (v.) - to remove the coating or finish of a piece of furniture and apply a new one
  7. Pathogen (n.) - disease-causing micro-organism 
  Weekly Word Parts
1. NEUR- nerves (neurology- study of the nervous system) 
2. OMNI- all (omnipotent: all powerful, like cute little six pound, eight ounce baby Jesus, don't even know a word yet, so cuddly but still omnipotent)
3. SERV- save, keep: reserve (saved for someone or something)
4. SPIR- breathe: inspiration (act of the divine breathing life into one's art)
5. TANG/TACT- touch: tangible (object or idea that can be easily grasped)
6. PHILE- one who loves: bibliophile (one who loves books) pyrophile (one who loves fire)

7. PLEGIA-paralysis: quadriplegia (leg paralysis)

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Class Resources
List of Weekly Spelling, Vocabulary, Word Parts

The Illustrious Mr. Pastor's Schedule

Period 1 7:45-8:40 English II College Prep 

Period 2 8:44-9:35 AP Language / Composition


 Period 3 9:39-10:30 Planning / Student Assistance (Tutoring) Period

Period 4 10:34-11:25 English II College Prep

Period 5 11:29-12:19 English II College General

LUNCH 12:19-12:50 Seek me in the cafetorium or in my room if you have questions

Period 6 12:54-1:46 English II General


 Period 7 1:50-2:45 English II College Prep

AP Blizzard Bags 1-3
Eng II College Prep Blizzard Bags 1-3
Eng II General Blizzard Bags 1-3
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