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The Illustrious Mr. Pastor

The Illustrious Mr. Pastor


April 16, 2019
AP ENGLISH:  Book XX of Odyssey by tomorrow; Odyssey XX-XXIV due 4/22 with character apologies; Lexicon IV due 4/29
ENGLISH II (CP):  go FULL SEND tomorrow
 ENGLISH II (GEN.) go FULL SEND tomorrow
Spelling and Context Evaluation Words: next test TBA

  1. Proletarian (working class)
  2. zestful (full of pep)
  3. prolific (producing a great amount)
  4. Prominent (important)
  5. prophetic  (foretelling the future, Marty!)
  6. hackneyed (overused to the point ot insignificance)
  7. nullify (to cancel out)
  8. Proportion
  9. Inquiry (line of questioning)
  10. vitriolic (burningly critical)
  11. Satellite
  12. Prosecute 

Vocabulary Words
  1. mirth (n.) - state of laughter / jollity
  2. Pseudonym (n.) - false name
  3. Stanza (n.) - portion of a poem
  4. Vex (v.) - to bother or confuse
  5. Apprehension (n.) - sense of nervousness, hesitation
  6. Longing (n.) - intense yearning for something
  7. Revitalize (v.) - to inject with new life / energy
Word Parts
1. PED (foot) - podiatrist (foot doctor)
2.  per (through) - permeate (move through a membrane)
3.  SEQU (follow): sequal - movie that follows another
4.  ANTHROP (human, man): anthropology - study of human cultures
5.  VERT (turn): convert - turn towards one's belief system
6. LATER (side): quadrilateral - four sides
 6.SOPHY (wisdom, knowledge): philosophy - knowledge of what is good
7. TROPHY (growth): atrophy - lack of growth










Class Resources
AP Blizzard Bags 1-3
Eng II College Prep Blizzard Bags 1-3
In case of a snow day on 3/11/19. I know the document says this is the 1st blizzard bag, but disregard that. Just cook us as much rhetorical thunder as you can.
Eng II General Blizzard Bags 1-3
Project Files
List of Weekly Spelling, Vocabulary, Word Parts
This is a complete list of your WEEKLY spelling and vocabulary words. Of course, this may be subject to alteration depending on snow days, but here's the whole list so you can always know what your weekly words are! See the next file for your weekly word parts.

The Illustrious Mr. Pastor's Schedule

Period 1 7:45-8:40 AP Language / Composition

Period 2 8:44-9:35 AP Language / Composition

Period 3 9:39-10:30 English II College Prep

Period 4 10:34-11:25 English II College Prep

Period 5 11:29-12:19 English II College General

LUNCH 12:19-12:50 Seek me in the cafetorium or in my room if you have questions

Period 6 12:54-1:46 English II General

Period 7 1:50-2:45 Planning / Student Assistance (Tutoring) Period

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