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The Illustrious Mr. Pastor


Zeptember 17, 2020

AP English: do vocabulary quiz Friday and watch Bob Ross Pastor "Joy of Early Feminism" Friday and send me your happy little notes by 5pm; Full Send the "Frost Poem and Orr Analysis Exercise" by  Monday at 9:35 a.m.; 

English II College Prep: 
do spelling, vocabulary, word parts quiz Friday and watch Bob Ross Pastor "Joy of Annotating" Friday and send me your happy little notes by 5 p.m.; complete Yeats, Coleman, Johnson, Cope Exercise by Monday at 7:45 a.m.

English II General: 
Complete Valvano, Gehrig, and D. Thomas analysis packet by tomorrow at 7:45 a.m.

Weekly Spelling: Zeptember 15 - 18
  1. charismatic (highly energetic)
  2. charlatan (phony salesman, con-man)
  3. pernicious (hazardous, nasty)
  4. optimist (looks on the bright side)
  5. seclusion (isolation)
  6. Amnesty (forgiveness for past ills)
  7. impeccable (flawless)
  8. implausible (hard to believe)
  9. mercurial (moody)
  10. ruthless (cruel)
  11. philosophical 
  12. Ceasefire (end to fighting)

Weekly Vocabulary: Zeptember 15 - 18
  1. Elaborate (v.), - to expand upon or to go into further, clearer depth
  2. Illustrate (v.) - to describe in a incredibly descriptive manner
  3. Conundrum (n.) - highly perplexing situation
  4. Ostracize (v.) - to isolate or exclude from a group
  5. Merit (v.) - one's own credentials or reputation as a hard worker
  6. Metaphor (n.)  - comparison between two unlike things using a being verb
  7. Antipathies (n.) - intense and inborn hatreds towards others
  8. Abundant (adj.) - available in bountiful or plentiful quantities

Weekly Word Parts: Zeptember 15 - 18
 - AGR: land (agrarian- related to the land)
 - AMBI: both (ambivalent- can go both ways on an issue)
 - ALG: pain (gastralgia- pain in one's digestive system)
 - CERT: sure (acertain- to make sure of)
 - CHRON: time (chronicle- tale that proceeds in chronological order)
 - AN/IAN: relating / belonging to (urban, Canadian)
 - ANT/ENT: full of (eloquent, divergent)
Project Resources
Here is the vocab project for English II College Prep and General (all students). It is due October 15. Email me any questions or concerns you have.
Here is the 1st quarter College Prep reading project, due Oct. 20. If you need a PDF copy of a book, let me know.
Here's the 1st quarter English II General reading project. If you need a PDF of a book, let me know.
List of Weekly Spelling, Vocabulary, Word Parts
Somehow we will assess these on a weekly basis. There is always a way!
Class Resources

The Illustrious Mr. Pastor's Schedule

Period 1 7:45-8:40 English II College Prep 

Period 2 8:44-9:35 AP Language / Composition


 Period 3 9:39-10:30 Planning / Student Assistance (Tutoring) Period

Period 4 10:34-11:25 English II College Prep

Period 5 11:29-12:19 English II College General

LUNCH 12:19-12:50 Seek me in the cafetorium or in my room if you have questions

Period 6 12:54-1:46 English II General


 Period 7 1:50-2:45 English II College Prep

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